The Day Before


(Русский) Премьера: весна 2018 года.

Хронометраж: 91 минута.

Жанр: драма.

Режиссер: Александр Котт, Владимир Котт, Борис Хлебников, Александр Карпиловский.

В ролях: Елена Лядова, Александр Петров, Юрий Стоянов, Зоя Буряк, Дарья Мороз, Александр Лыков, Андрей Малахов.

Premiere 2016
Genre: Drama
Format: Anthology film
Directors: Alexander Kott, Vladimir Kott, Alexander Karpilovskiy, Boris Khlebnikov, Yaroslav Chevazevskiy
Producers: Alexander Tsekalo, Alexander Kott
Logline: The end of the world – is not the end indeed.

From the early morning all planet population anxious by the news, concerning red comet sudden approximation the Earth. Almost a year ago all scientists only could assume the collision, a month ago tried to set up the date, and now, through all the sources were announced: this is the end. Moreover, the end will happen tomorrow. The only one day left before.. People from different social classes, ethnic groups and religions – each in its own way – trying to spend the last day of their life.