As good as it gets

Лучше не бывает сериал

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Directed by Evgeniy Semenov

Starring: Marina Konyashkina, Ksenia Romenkova, Anastasia Popova, Irina Pegova, Dmitry Shevchenko, Michael Trihin, Artem Osipov, Igor Savochkin, Kristina Kuzmina, Ekaterina Kabak.

Victoria Chernova lives up her beautiful life like a little bird in a golden cage without any difficulties or problems.  She has everything one could imagine: an exemplary husband and child, a beautiful and rich house, fun and successful girlfriends. And there’s not a single wrinkle on her forehead – in fact all the problems are solved years ahead in advance. But suddenly it turns out that all of these gifts were given to her by fortune also in advance. Moreover, Victoria now must pay this debt back, and one evening her husband suddenly announces that he has found himself another woman. That very same day Victoria must start a new life: without money, with a small bag and her only child, she moves into her son’s nanny’s home. She has to learn how to earn money and take care of herself as she is forced to take up a new job in an ordinary supermarket. Unexpectedly, she will rise up in the world and discover the real price of money, spite and love.