Silver Spoon

Premiere Winter 2014, Channel One

Genres: Criminal Drama, Action

Directed by Konstantin Statskiy

Starring: Pavel Priluchniy, Karina Razumovskaya, Dmitry Shevchenko, Denis Shvedov, Alexander Oblasov, Igor Zhizhikin, Bogdan Stypka, Alexander Dyachenko

In 2014, according to Film and TV Producers Association “Major” was voted the best series of the year.


Our protagonist Igor Sokolovsky is labeled by people as a Major, simply because of the accident that he is the child of high-ranking and wealthy parents. Our hero has a law degree, but has never worked for a single day. He is an irresponsible playboy. On one typical night binge he stands up for his friend in a fight and scuffles with police officers. After this mishap, the hero`s father robs him of everything and commits him to work at the police department, where he must prove his worth. Our Major is no one there, disdained by everyone. But this is the place where he literally became a man, meets the love of his life and finds his mothers murderer.