The Other Side of the Moon. Season 1


Premiere November 2012, Channel One

Genres: Sci-fi, Thriller, Crime

Directed by Alexander Kott

Starring: Pavel Derevanko, Svetlana Martsinkevich, Ivan Shibanov, Karina Razumovskaya, Oleg Almazov

In 2012, according to Film and TV Producers Association “The other side of the Moon” was voted the best series of the year.

For the last three years police Lieutenant Mikhail Solovyev has been chasing a maniac. The capital is petrified by this scourge of society who is leaving dead bodies in his wake. At the moment of his capture and arrest, a maniac crashes into Mikhail, causing the lieutenant`s death…Soloviev comes back to life after the accident and discovers that he has moved back in time and ended up in 1979 in his father`s body. Understanding nothing about this accident, the lieutenant is trying to adapt to his new life.  Coincidently, he works as a soviet police officer at the same time he is discovering his chances to get back…