Fools Roads Money

TV Show
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Genre: Sketch Show, Entertainment

Broadcaster: Channel One

Starring: Sergey Pisarenko, Tatiana Orlova, Grigoriy Maligin, Sergey Belogolovcev, Maksim Pinsker.

This is a TV guide for all those people live Russia. There are a lot of unpredictable game rules and underwater stones in our country. If you want to live your happy live and be satisfied, you must be aware about them. “Fools, Roads, Money” directed to all who would like to learn how to be Russian and live Russian life without being afraid of a dashing Russian bends on steep hills. The audience will laugh on plots and characters sketches.Each sketch reaches almost all relevant and actual modern topic: domestic turmoils in the family, the adventures of traffic police officers, special moments from governor`s busy days, business tycoons fun stories.