Premiere Spring 2015, Channel One

Genres: Adventure, Crime drama

Directed by Egor Baranov

Number of episodes: 8

Length: 50 minutes

Starring: Alexander Petrov, Veselkin Alexey, Gorenstein Philip, Maxim Emelyanov, Berber Zoya, Vilkova Taisia, Serebryakov Alexey, Volkova Ekaterina, Stichkin Evgeniy,Tsyganov Evgeniy, Alexander Yatsenko.

The TV series Fartsa is conceived as an epic saga which takes place over a long time span from 1961 to 1991. From the midpoint of the story we view the friendship of four boys. In season main heroes are in their 20’s, they are childhood friends, and for the sake of their friendship they are ready to sacrifice anything. Everyone has their own dreams, but their circumstances will take them on a difficult path and they will be forced into all kinds of underground economic dealings in the early 60s. And, worst of all – they are successful in this business. And the more successful they are, the further they get from their real dreams

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