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Summer 1980. While the Olympics held in the USSR, strange and horrible things are happening in a run-of-the-mill pioneer camp. It turns out pioneer vampires exist not only in horror stories. Smart beyond his years, independent, sensitive and determined to go all the way for the right reasons, main hero Valerka, arrives at summer camp ‘Thunderbird’ for 3 weeks of carefree recreation. Little brave boy secretly aim to discover the reason behind his brother death. Harmless and eternal journey begins to turn around when he soon discovers that one of his roommates is actually sucking the blood. Now, the independent hero must team up to find out how the vampires ended up in a Soviet summer camp, how to destroy them, and who actually killed his brother. Upon the way, Valerka learn how to trust, meet friends and sacrifice himself to the one he truly fell in love. The cost of everyone`s freedoms turned him into a vampire. Has he turned into a monster forever?




Drama, thriller


Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy


Pyotr Natarov

Daniil Vershynin

Angelina Strechtina

Ilya Korobko

Irina Pegova